Wednesday, March 14, 2012

355 days.

Today as I was in my meditating yoga position at home, I started smiling so much. I got butterflies all over my body, it was so weird! In every little bit of my body; fingers, ears, hair roots, belly, it was a rush of excitement. And it was to the thought of Henrik! 
Most people think that we have way too many photos together, that my blog is about him or us, I know that! But I also know that I am crazy about him. He really is the best part of life. Huge part of my life. Why not share it? I share every other little bit of my life, why not the most important part of it? 
People often ask me "how is it going?, is it hard? do you miss him?" And to be 100% honest, it's not so much that I miss him or that it is hard, I keep thinking and day dreaming about the things that we will do the next time we meet. It is more that I actually don't feel complete without him, that everything is just a little bit funnier when he is laughing with me, and the ice cream just taste a little bit better when he's sharing it with me... So when he's not around it feels as if I have forgotten something... Like my phone or wallet! haha..
No, but truthfully, it is more about the absence of my right hand man.  

Today we have been together for exactly 355 days, and it has been a great journey, if not to say the best journey filled with some amazing adventures and experiences. He has taught me so much about myself. I have found a person inside of myself thatI like, and that I am comfortable and content with. I don't know if it has to do that he is so confident towards this relationship or confident in his love and decisions, but it sure is helping and it sure is making my life so freaking great! 

So Henrik Berglin, now that I know you read my blog, I thought you should know; that you make me smile when you are not even around, even when you haven't done anything and just the thought of you makes my body sprint of butterflies. You are amazing and I love looking at photos of you and me before I go to bed, it makes me fall asleep with a smile and it gives me good dreams. You are Beautiful, Amazing, Great, Fantastic, Magnificent, Special, Unique, Brilliant, Fabulous, Sexy, and utterly  Perfect for me. 
I hope you are smiling just as much as I am right now. 
Good night, Henrik.