Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Attracive or Unattractive, that is the question!

As a young womens club member a lot of topics arise during our meetings. But one topic which is always reoccurring in our meetings and in pretty much every woman's head out there every single day. What is happening to our media? Do we really find it attractive with these stick skinny models? what is it about them that makes us envy them? Because lets face it. We all sit here and we find it disgusting and sad that someone can have gone this far to look this skinny! But yet, we still admire them! What is it with the media creating these allusions for us woman and these desires for men to think that this is attractive? What happened from those days when the curves of Marlyn Manroe was on every front page?
However, one can also argue, is it photoshoped? I mean, is it humanly possible to have such a small waste? But this is not normal either. Why would someone purposely make someone look that skinny? What is it about this ad that makes it so eye catching?
Exactly... it is eye catching! I can tell you, It does not have to do with the clothes! But because it creates an awareness. Maybe Ralph Lauren is trying to create a statement of the development of the decreasing BMI that all models are suppose to have. Either way, it is breath taking ! Simply, not normal.