Thursday, February 28, 2013

We went to IKEA.

First day in Sydney! We spent the day at IKEA buying furniture for Emma's new house! We played up cars with desk chairs, hide and seek in all the tower of pillows, ate cinnamon buns and meatballs! Just a regular day. It was nice, It is always nice to go to IKEA! :) 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Hello beautiful people!  I am back! I have been off in Cairns the past week and I didn't bring my computer with me. I just got to Sydney, where I am living with my best friend Emma! :) I am so excited to be here! You have no idea. I have had the most amazing couple of days up along the gold coast, so many exciting stories to share! Man, I love Australia. Everything about it. The people!!! I have always loved americans, but I think Australians are beating them! I never want to leave! I will upload some photos and tell you all about my trip. I just wanted to say hi and give you a sign that I am alive! :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

i w i ll m i ss y ou


Today I went to have "Goodbye Lunch" with Mitch, Emma and Molly. Mitch is leaving for Perth tonight and I am leaving for Cairns on Thursday morning. Then Mikaela, Emelie and I got tickets to go all the way up in the towers! 86th floor! 452 meters! BOOOOM! That was a first. Nothing too special, and so not worth the price. But we sure made the most of it, taking loads of photos, doing jumps and camewhoring away. What we do best. Then we ended the night with Chilis dinner and a few glasses of whine at Chinoz in the Park. Tomorrow the girls are leaving and I have a jammed schedule. BUT ON THURSDAY I AM LEAVING! I am soooooo excited :) 

The Past Couple Of Days

I got to see Mrs Tan for some coffee and gossiping. She was one of my absolute favorite teachers in high school.

I went out with my lovely McNamara

I got to see one of my absolute oldest friends, Mitchell Curtis, and had a great night out. 

Went to dinner with Emma and of my newest and absolutely amazing human being Chris Tabassi. He is such a unique individual. Absolutely outsatnding and incredible. You can not NOT love him. 

Celebrated Valentines :)

Had a birthday dinner for my amazing Mr. Tan! He was my old driver back in the days. I practically grew up with him. He is like no other. The kindest man there is! :)

Beef Queso and Buffalo Chicken Wings at Chilis! 

Have had about 50 Barbie weddings with this little Girl...


Exploring the city with these lovely girls :)

Monday, February 18, 2013

this is the most beautiful boy. Who is he?

Good Morning with Stiniwini - Book a class!

See you soon

Friday, February 15, 2013

Thursday, February 14, 2013

That was Valentine 2013

Today was Valentines! and I was lucky enough to have my lovely Mikaela and Emelie here to celebrate with me. We went and had sushi, ordered food for about 10 people. So now I am feeling nauseas and about to burst. I did however get A BEAR (!!!) named Tickan. If you press his right arm you will hear Emelie and Mikaela saying "Happy Valentines Stina. We love you!" :) It is exactly what I need when I wake up from nightmares in the middle of the night. I am one lucky girl :)