Monday, August 30, 2010

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Heavy peting

Yesterday I went to Stockholm for a night to see my friend Martin, who I haven't seen in about 9 months. It was also nice to get to go to Stockholm for the day, I love that city! During the night we went out and DANNNNCED, good stuff.
Now I am back in Uppsala. I helped my cousin move in to her apartment and then went to celebrate my uncle's birthday. Now Stina (my roomate) and I have cuddled up and watched Sex and the city with some FINAL chips before we get back to our old eating habits!

Tomorrow I have my first class at 8 so I better turn in now. I am starting my dance classes tomorrow and the gym! At night I have my zeroing again. RAAAAA! So much fun.

So good night beautiful people. See you soon!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

bumbelbees in a park

Friday, August 27, 2010

So it began

Now I have started Uppsala University and I got into the program that I wanted, FINALLY! I AM SO HAPPY. I was about to do Law, which would bore my mind out. However, Now I get to study Psychology/Human Behavior!
I am super Happy!
Uppsala is such an amazing little town! It is not too small, it is the exact right size. It has about 250 000 people and majority of them are just students. It is so nice.
The autumn is here with some beautiful sun, but cold as h#%ll.
Right now I have a month of "zeroing" as they call it. Which means people dress up as fool and are drunk 24/7 running around doing stupid and silly things to bond with people. It is so much fun.
I am living with my best friend Stina, which is really nice. So far we are managing quite well.
But here are some photos from the past few days.

Alright, Im off to my first lecture now. WOHO! I feel so grown up.

I miss you more than you know. I AM going to see you in october, in one way or another.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Optimism for the future

Therefore, The End.

I'm Back!

I am back in Sweden from a lovely week in South of France, Cannes! RAWR!
It was such an amazing week with just loads of sun and partying and amazing group of girls. I only knew Christina and Alexandra really well from before. But the other ladies I knew of and had met a few times but have grown to like alot. Real great girls!
We lived in Cannes, but we also visited St. Tropez for two days and partied for a night. Thanks to Stella we got to be in the VIP alot haha, so thank you for that.
Alexandra knew a few french guys from a few years ago which also happened to be there at the same time. A realy group of awesome guys!
Charles, who is Alexandra's closest buddy is such a great guy! and surprisingly they all speak excellent english and with my excellency in french ;) haha we did pretty good.
Then there was this boy named Ugo who was such a cutie. He definitely knew how to make you smile haha :)

But unfortunately I had to rush back to Sweden three days early because turned out Uni started alot early than I had expected.
But here are some photos until i can put up the photos of my university and my room :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Hello People!
This weekend I took a little trip to stockholm again, which was nice to get away for a bit and meet a few people before I head down to France. I got to meet my long lost buddy Sandra, who I haven't met in 4 years, which was just as fun as it was 4 years ago :)
I also met up with my best friend Pauline, who I did just meet the other month but still was nice. Now she will be living only 15 minutes away from me so I will be seeing more of her!
I also got the key to my new "apartment" or more like room! Exciting!
I would show you pictures but unfortunately I left it at my friend's house.
Thank you for letting me stay with you, again. Always a pleasure Mmmmm :)

Tomorrow I am off to Cannes, France, to party it up with my 8 girls. It will be FUNnnntastic!
As for now my christina is attempting to start packing which she is miserably failing at. As for me I have packed my stuff for Cannes and also for Uni! I will not come back home before I head of to uni, I am leaving straight from france into my uni. Woop to the hop! Its less than two weeks left and I couldn't be more excited.
So toodels people! Ill see you soon.

Here are some lovely pictures in case you start to miss me.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sistah, she can dance.

I just wanted to wish my Madeleine Browning good luck on her dance audition this weekend! You will do awesome like you always do. I wish I was with you with a huge sign and a major fail cheer song but for you I would do it!
Good Luck baby. I miss you and go and make me proud.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

20 Place Stina is going to visit before she dies.

Places I want to visit:

1. Brazil
2. Argentina
3. Australia again, but do the whole thing, desert and all.
4. Las Vegas
5. Scotland
6. Ireland
7. Kenya
8. Jamaica
9. Tokyo
10. Connecticut
11. Mount Rushmore
12. Grand Canyon
13. North Carolina
14. Mexico
15. Bora Bora
16. Hawaii
17. Island hopping in Greece
18. Corsica, Italy.
19. Pyramids in Egypt
20. Skydive in New Zealand.

Friday, August 6, 2010

I miss my KL.

Now I have finished working! Yay!
I Have finally gotten accepted into my University in Sweden which I am so relieved about :)
I will be heading down back to Skåne on Sunday to pack up my life and get ready for Uni. I do not start uni until the August 27th, however, I am leaving for Cannes, France, Next monday and will be back on the 26th!

I also found out I will be going back to KL this Christmas, which I am just longing for. It is crazy to believe that Iskl, my old school, has already strated rolling with classes and tryout for sports. Crazy. Everyone is a year older, new students, new teacher and no seniors. Its so weird and the more and more I think about that I am not going back is just making me miss it even more. Its crazy to think that I wont be hitting up the clubs of Chuncut or heritage or Peramlee. Or annoying the hell out of Renaud in the counselors office, making Ms Guerra go absolutely nuts at our math class or just running around acting retarded with Maddy and Emma during lunch. haha or scooping up the new freshman boys ;)
So to sum this sappy post up, I miss KL so freaking much and I will probably miss it even more until I return. I guess the alumnis were right, "You can't stand it, but you can't live without it."
I am excited to come back. I also wish all ISKLers a Happy new year! haha. Good luck and make every moment unforgettable, because its flies by.

But for now, good night everybody.
Miss you all.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I'm a golfgroupie baby!

Rickie Fowler!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A sunset

Ohlalalala This the beautiful sunset we get here at grönhögen every night. And this is a crappy night but it happened to be the only night emma and I were off together.
It was such a lovely evening. We went to the beach and watched the sunset with a bottle of wine and some bree chesse YUMMMM. We chit chatted about everything the past few years, real girlie night. Tomorrow is my final day working at grönhögen! Yay! haha. I might have a friend coming for the weekend, so I might stay for a bit. But it has been so nice to have had my Emma here, it really has. I have missed her so much and these two weeks together is just what we needed.
So thank you for an awesome 2 weeks :)

Hope you all have a good night because now Im off to bed.
Stiniwini forever and ever.