Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Adventures of Maddy and Stina in US and A; Diren Park

Today was an exciting day. We woke up rise and shine early 9 am to head out to Diren Lake where there was a theme park. I can tell you that it definitely got my adrenaline running. Maddy, Sydney and I got Tattoos! hahahahaha JOKES.
We decided to get the takiest tattoos and we did. Maddy loves her beautiful cross and is now thinking of getting a real one. It truly suites her personality. hehe :)
After that we spent 2 hours waiting for Sydney in court. Yes, she got caught drinking HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Might not be so funny but she is now charged with 12 hours x 2 alcohol alertness class and a 50 dollar fine. I'm sorry but I will continue to make fun of you Syd. Now I am home and I just had my chicken finger buffalo Sub, can it get better? Nope :)
Now I am drinking hot chocolate and Im going to go skype with my buddy and then off to bed. Tomorrow Maddy and I are going wedding dress shopping because we are getting married soon. Stay tuned of the adventures of Maddy and Stina in America.
Good night folks.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Monday, June 28, 2010

Maddy's Graduation Party!

Tonight was Maddy's graduation party! Best part about it was that I got to meet her family, and I mean her entire family. Like I said in my previous post, they are the most loveable people you will ever meet. It really is hard finding 70 people that are that open, loving, caring and enough to say CRAZY! haha
I got to Dance with uncle Lenny who is at least in his 80s! I mean that man shock his bootay like a legend. I met the coolest little boy named Niga, 16 months and he was just the definition of awesome. It was Maddy's graduation party, so why in the world would I then also recieve gifts? Because this is the Bounch family and they are just the most generous and nicest people. I may be over saying it but I HAVE TO! You'll never meet anyone like any of them. So the party was a great success! I love them all and I love my Madeleine. Her mother held a speech and so did she. She held a little speech about me! I love her.
So yes last night was a great success! Impossible to be a bad party with these crazy people. haha
Alright now Im going to explore Buffalo. Catch you later.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Buffalo with the wing

Today was my first day in Buffalo! I love it. Woke up at around 1pm (first timein my life) shows how exhausted I was from New york! A good sign though :)
I met Maddy cousins and aunt. I love them! They are hilarious. Craziest family I know! But probably the most loveable ones. Honestly, its impossible to not like them.
Anyways after watching America loose (HAHA!) we decided to go Gambelingggg!! Yea thats irght. I lost 100 dollars whilst maddy however gained 5 dollars. BUT won 100 dollars at one point ! Yea we started off with 100 dollars. I lost it all except for 90 cents. Maddy had 105 dollars. So yes, 5 dollar gain. Yes, you will be seeing her there on Monday morning at 7, because thats when the odds are the highest. Addict... :)
Here are some photos! Anywayy! Im off to a good night sleep. Hopefully It will be easier to fall asleep tonight. Hard without a snuggle partner :)
<3 Good night world.