Thursday, January 31, 2013

Almost setting off now

So this week, I am just in the waiting to get crankin to leave!! DOWN UNDER HERE I COME!
Bikram bikram bikram is all I do, since I am sick and can't work out. But today my fever bloomed out to the max, so I made it in to my  boring packing day! Im so loving hats at the moment. I always knew that this would become my thing! 
When I leave for my journey, I am logging out of Facebook for a couple of months (yes, I will succeed) but you can always follow my adventures on my blog! 
That you all know I won't give up! and of course, I will continue my new favorite thing in life! My good morning "show"!!! :) I will definitely bring you along on my extra ordinary upcoming months! BOOOM.

Good morning with Stiniwini - Talk to a stranger

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Monday, January 28, 2013

i dance to this in the morning

Good morning with Stiniwini - express your gratitude towards someone

it was the weekend.

This weekend has been hectic, but fun! Loads of new impressions and people everywhere, I love those days! My little Stinimini and her amazing boyfriend came up from Skåne this weekend! We went to dinner with them and their friend. And then Saturday my lovely Lovisa came to visit me for the day! I haven't seen her in ages, so it felt so good to see her :) Then it was time to celebrate Josefine on Saturday. It was her 24th birthday and we celebrated her at my apartment in Stockholm, then went out! After 4 nights of going out, and two sleepless night, I sure passed out like a dead baby a 5 pm and woke up 10 am this morning. I am getting old....

Good morning with Stiniwini - Eat something foreign

Friday, January 25, 2013

Good morning with Stiniwini - Buy an apple


GUYS! I need you all to help me out today!
I am applying for an internship at Whispr Group! And today I am launching my super awesome application and a part of it has to with this picture. 
Go to my instagram: aswedishfruitsalad and like my picture! It will only take 5 seconds, 
but it will sure make a HUGE difference! 
So get on your phones and get crankin!