Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The moving day.

A relationship is like a house. You get new furniture, you decorate it and in the beginning you just love the feeling of walking into your house because it gives you such a nice feeling. You love snuggling in that couch because it keeps you warm and its keep you comfortable. You are proud when you are laying in that couch looking at your room, because you're proud of what you have accomplished to put together. In the beginning you love having your friends over to show your new house and room. But then after half a year or so, it starts to get old and you stop cleaning your house everyday. Time goes by and things start to break, but you keep trying to fix it with plumbers and workers all the time. Then all of a sudden you start realizing the house is falling apart. That is when you have to take a stand to either decided whether to keep trying to repair the house or move out and try and find something new...
Yes, packing up all the things and memories in that house hurts and is upsetting. But then when you are out comparing all these new houses to your old house; there will be things that you love because they are new exciting and even a few things that a better than your old house, but also a few things that doesn't quiet meet the standards of your old house. But then you finally walk in to a house, which makes you feel great, and there won't be any hesitation, because it will feel just right. Then the butterflies comeback because it is something new, something different and an upgrade from what you had before.
But yes, you will still pass that street and you will get that feeling every time you pass the house; the feeling you felt when you lived inside it. But you just have to learn to smile at the memories inside it and be happy for the people that live in it now, and only hope they can be as happy as you were when you lived in that house.
Just continue to walk down that road and meet what is waiting for you at home.