Monday, March 28, 2011

It is so weird when you call a place "Home", what is "home"? Is home the place where you are living now? Is it the place where you feel the most comfortable in? Is it the place that you can relate to it? Or is it simply the place where your heart drops a beat everytime you hear it's name. To me, I think it is all of it. Today I was thinking about all my friends who are going to get to go "home" over easter and be with their family, it hit me, where is home for me? Truthfully, KL is my home. I was just going through my friend Taylors album when she's now been back in KL, she literally captured all of it. She captured the city; dodgy ends and nice ones. She captured the animals; dead lizzard / snake and the monkeys. She captured my school, ISKL. So when going through these photos, my hear dropped a beat. It is so weird that I miss those foodstealing monkeys and pissed off taxi drivers. As much as I once may have complained about it, it is my home. It is where I have my footprints. It is where I come from. I am not Malay, but then Id say im an ISKLer. :)
How I wish that it would all stay the same, same people, same places, same things, everything. It is a home in my heart. But It is no longer a home without the people and the places. So maybe you don't need a home, but you will always have your roots.