Friday, October 15, 2010

the very first snow

Today was a great day. Started off by me heading home to Sofia's and having some wicked breakfast. After getting ready, we headed for IKEA. First thing is first, meatballs! Then the actually purchases. The big spender I am, spent a while 26 kr! oh yes, one clothe cleaner roll for 9 kr and a hand towel for 17kr. I WENT FULL OUT! Then it was cinnamon bun time with coffee! Oh yes. Then we decided to head back home to get ready for Snerikes Song party thingy. ineresting. So what hits my eye when we are on our way home? oh yes, the year's very first snowflake! Everyones grumpy about it but I couldn't be more excited! The snowmen making, oh yes here I come!
Now my friend Chris is on his way over to cuddle with me and drink hot chocolate! Yes, I am happy I still have my malaysian Chris :)
But I am really happy that I have my Sofia. I really am. We get closer and closer everyday, we're practically married now! haha. No, but uppsala wouldn't be the same without her. :)

So as for now, im putting on my new sexy running pants so that I can just jump straight out of bed tomorrow morning and get running. because guess what? Thats all the fun i'll be having with all the 100s of pages I have to read. woopidooo.

Good night people. Have a jolly night!