Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Elle est ma Kajsa Bajsa

Sometimes we forget what being a sister means. I have 3 of them so you would think I am pretty good at it. But the one thing in life I know I love the most, will always be my little sister Kajsa.
Kajsa is 2 years younger than me. We have always done everything together. Which also means that we have loved like two cuddlebears and fought like two grizzly bears. No matter how much we may upset one and other, if you are a big sister you will always have to be there. There is nothing that puts my body in to as much pain as the thought of Kajsa unhappy. Hearing a tone of sad voice from her gives me shivers from top to the bottom of my body.
She is soon having her IB exams. I just wanted to wish her luck. If there is one person in this worlds kicking those exam's ass it will be her. Because she is that awesome. in pretty much everything.
Always here, always there Kajsa Bajsa.