Thursday, August 11, 2011

Appletrees and massages

Henrik at the hospital. Looks like a dad who is waiting in labour. hihi :)
But Henrik got back and I have been spending everything breathing moment with him. He got back, was completely dead and sick for two days straight, we didn't leave the apartment. Just spent two days in bed cuddeling, eating ice cream and watching bad movies. Then we went to Sollentuna to his parents house where did nothing as well, just relaxed. Then the day after I got sick, very sick, so we had to go to the hospital, the perfect boyfriend that he is took care of me so good. I am too lucky to have him! Then we have been testing beds at IKEA and buying things for the apartment. Very grown-up! haha. But nono, we are not moving in with each other, I am just taking over his apartment this year! Easy tigers! :)
Now we are back in Stockholm to continue to just do nothing. BUT tomorrow it is Henriks goodbye party which shall be fun! Very excited! So today, it's shopping time for a new dress! I will keep you all posted.
Toodels for now.