Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Controlution ;)

My friend Maddy posted this on her blog
"The only control we withhold is the control over ourselves. Its not selfish, it's a fact. Do what you can in relation to you, and you will end up helping the situation more than you think. "

and it made me smile. Because it is so true. In most situations and in most relations, all you can do is at least be in control of yourself and your emotions. Because it will at least make it a little bit better rather if you are not in control of things. It may be hard to control someone elses actions and emotions, but as long as you know where you are. What you are doing and what your actions and words are saying. At least you know you are in control. If then two people are in control of at least one and others emotions, it will definitely help when it comes to learning how to juggle and make the best out of the situation.