Tuesday, November 23, 2010


How amazing would it be to be an inspiration to someone? That just by telling someone something, you inspire them to follow their dreams. You help them up when they are drowning.
By even through a smile, you give the strength to do anything. Fight anything; wars, cancer or just their every day life. What if you have the ability to change someone's life? Wouldn't it be the best feeling in the world being the reason why they look forward to waking up in the morning. It doesn't matter if you are someone's teacher, grandmother, father, sibling, best friend, boyfriend, library woman or just a stranger. Wouldn't that be an amazing feeling?
Today I realized from an old teacher of mine how easily it is to lend out a helping hand without even knowing it. To know that your hello was someone's happiest moment of the day. It is horrible to think that such things are true, but sometimes they are. That is when I look at my life, I realize how great it really is. How fortunate I am. Why was I blessed with all this? Does it take a smile from someone to fullfill my day? No, probably not. But for someone it does. That is what I find amazing. Why do I get to be happy? Why do I get to have no worries at all. How come I was this lucky to be a happy person. That is when I thought...
I want to be someone that touches someone's life so much, that they can genuinely say that they wouldn't be the person that they are today, if they hadn't met me. As cheesy as it sounds I want to make a change, even if it is something small. It's more than only existing.

So maybe a smile or a good morning isn't so cheesy when you realize what a difference it can make.

I want to be an inspiration.