Thursday, November 25, 2010

it's just three words!

I am now sitting and having my morning cup of coffee, as I am half dying from a 40 degree fever and horrible throat pains.
But I was just on my friend Emma's blog
It is a really nice blog with a lot of good sayings. Since my life is based on wise and meaningful quotes it was a pick me up. However on one of her old blog entries she writes "There are hundred way of showing that you miss someone, but it doesn't mean anything unless you say it." That really made me smile. Because I do have a good way of showing people that I think about them and that they are with me, even if they aren't physically with me. But, "I miss you" has become just words in a way. There are people who it is really easy telling them you miss them, and then there are some that you just don't know want to waste those words on because you doubt they would mean anything to them anyways. Therefore, I have begun to shut those feelings towards those people. But why should you do that? That's silly!
Well most people have no idea what I am talking about now, I am sure. But I guess I just want to let the this person know that "I miss you." I wish I didn't, but I know I do deep down inside. I don't know what that means though. Does it always have to mean something? I don't think it does. I think it can just mean that I miss that part of my life. That I miss certain things about you. Things you do, we did or that I did for you. Doesn't mean that it is something I want or something I am longing for, it just means that they were great times and that you are great person. That my life is different without that great person in my life. So now I am telling you something that I would never admit "I miss you. I miss you a shit load actually."

SO to sum up, I know how you can be strangling yourself to not feel these feelings. You know what, I think it is okay. Tell them! It can't hurt? It won't make things worse. I know when I am told that I am missed it makes me feel special, it makes me feel good. So don't be too scared what the other person may think or say. Because no matter what they say or might not say anything at all; you at least know that deep down inside at least their heart is a little bit warmer.
"I miss you" are Only three words to warm someones heart. & probably yours as well.

Thank you Emma Johansson. I miss you! :)