Wednesday, February 16, 2011

be your day.

The other day a friend of mine told me "You are always happy." and honestly, it's true. Now days I really am. I have no reason not to be. But you want to know a secret or a trick?
As soon as you are about to get upset or about to get stressed out or annoyed. I always stop in the middle of the rush, walk away from people, take a breathe of fresh air for 1 minute or go to the bathroom; just anywhere where you are alone and can hear your thoughts.
Then as I am sitting there stressing over something, right before the overwhelming feelings come, I close my eyes and I list 3 things that are making me happy now days (things im grateful of) and then I think of 1 thing that made me smile that day so far, for an example; a text, a picture, your book, a hug or maybe even a smile from someone. Something! Then I smile to myself for a few second with my eyes closed. Then you will realize, focus on the good things in life rather then getting too worked up over this one little thing that you, yourself, is making into something big, a deal that was just a tiny one into a big one that is about to ruin your day. So smile before, it takes over and ruins your entire day.
There is always time to pick yourself back up.

S . M . I . L . E