Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's almost valentine!

Valentines is coming up next monday!
Valentines is one of my favroite holidays because it is the day when you are given the excuse to remind everyone, all your loved ones, that you love them and that you are happy you have them. It is the day when you don't need an excuse to do something nice and romantic, you can just do it because you feel like doing something special for that someone special. I mean why wouldn't you? Why wouldn't you do anything nice?
Some people think this holiday is pointless, but I think it is a cute idea. Here in Sweden you don't celebrate Valentines, but I do!
SO everyone who is out there, it is a week left so start thinking of something sweet you can for that someone special. Nothing can go wrong on valentines. Just a bunch of love and happiness! kisses and chocolates! :)
So just enjoy it! and Have fun!