Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A phone call.

Just like that everything can change. You can be walking on your way to school and when your phone rings. Of the thought of not answering as you are about to step into a meeting, somehow your fingers just presses ok anyways. With just one phone call, with just one flip of the phone, my life changed. Today, was one of those days I never expected. One of those days that kind of just unexpectently hits you without any warning. Kind of like a wind that just whips up all your papers on the table. It just happens. What I learned from this phone call today is that age doesn't matter, time doesn't matter. It can be you. People die young. People die everyday. We really shouldn't take advantage of our ages and the people around us. we should cheerish them. Cause in one blink of an eye, everything you ever wanted to say may not be possible any longer. I hate that I needed this sort of a wake up call to be reminded of that.
Cheerish your life and the people's life around you.