Monday, June 13, 2011

its a little sunny hunny

It has been nothing shorter than a great weekeend. First I was in Stockholm for a few days but then I went to Uppsala to visit Henrik and Engel; we all went swimming and tanning on Saturday during the day. Then later that night Henrik and I went to Sollentuna to make a 3 course dinner for his parents! Not too shabby I must say. Then today we just spent the entire day just enjoying summer. We built a trampolin, jumped on that for a bit, we went rowing with a boat and then suntanned out in the ocean (it was so nice since henrik pretty much did all of it. :D) Then we went longboarding! It is so much fun. I want to get really good at it so that we can just be cruising. Since we will be moving to Cali, we must know how to Longboard!
Well I had a great weekend and that is thanks to Henrik, the best boyfriend you could as for.