Monday, June 27, 2011


I shall start of by telling you about my week. Well Henrik and I spent a week in skåne. Where we just soaked up all the free time we could get. We went to copenhagen where we did some shopping and dinning! Then we went on a ferry :) We bought longboards! We made a painting which we aren't really ready with yet, but soon! We gardened, we made the poool. We went to Helsingborg, but most of all we just enjoyed each others company. We had our 3 month anniversary this saturday when i found out that I got into a school in California this fall SOOOOO I will be coming to California with him as well! People may think it's silly, I think it's meant to be :)
This week was such a great week. I loved every second of it, which I always do with you Henrik. I am so happy I have you. I am so lucky to have a boy who makes me this happy.
You're the best and I will love you forever. Thank you for an amazing week.