Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 8: 3 hour boardwalk-walk!

Today Henrik, Peter and I walked along the boardwalk. A walk that could have taken 30 minutes ended up taking us 3 hours. Well from the view of a few of these pictures, you may understand! It was a nice day, not the best so far. But hey I shouldn't complain! Henrik and I found a really nice apartment, a little pricey but it is at least a little bit better than living on the streets, which we soon will if we don't find a place! After that I went for Bikram Yoga, it was so nice!! So Now I will be going there everyday. Tomorrow my dance classes start! First going to SDSU to study then it is dance time for 5 hours after 3 pm. Woop woop!!! Then it's taco tuesday! It will be my first tacotuesday! =)