Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I have been pretty bad with updating! Not much has happened since it is midterm week.
My dad came to visit and it was alot of fun! We got alot of things sorted. I am now starting my sales course training whilst I will be doing an internship on the side, so that shall be fun. I have my meeting with them on thursday, so then I get all details. Today Henrik's family is coming to visit, which shall be nice as well! This weekend it is Halloween weekend and I am sooooo excited! We have avicii and deadmaus concert on friday, and after that it is just party party all weeekend. I have thought out a few good costumes which you will see plenty of photos of after :)
Unfortunately, I have been feeling rather sick lately. weird. because we dont really know what it is... So we are hoping that we can diagnos it soon so that they can figure out what to do to me!
but now it is Yogatime!!