Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Henrik.

Henrik is someone who I learn something from everyday. Everyday is a new day. And everyday WITH Henrik is a good day. Like every single night when I go to bed and I lay and think about my day with Henirk, I smile. Because it doesn't matter if we went on a crazy adventure or just a boardwalk for hours, he teaches me a way of life that I always dreamed of having, I become a person I love being. I always think and say that I want to be an independent woman, do my thing in my way or what not, but the weird thing is everytime I am with him, I don't want to be independent. I don't want to do it my way, I want to do things our way. It never makes sense when we are apart . It just doesn't function. But as soon as we are together it is like toast and butter, smooth. It's not just love, it's beyond that. It's not about butterflies, it is about learning things from one and other. Before I thought love was all about the feeling and the comfort you get from one and other, but it is about the things you learn from one and other. Because truth be told, he is my best friend. Because he continuously amazes me with just being him. And that my friend is what keeps relationship interesting. And I do believe that is something that is hard to find, someone that still surprises and amazes you everyday. Because it is not like I just met Henrik, I met him over a year ago.  And still, I wake up every morning excited to the thought of my day with him. Because if you love someone, just having breakfast with them is exciting.