Monday, December 19, 2011

We fell in love.

Yesterday Henrik and I went to La Jolla just to watch the sunset which was absolutely breathtaking! We had so much fun just running around on the beach. Attempting the "dirty dancing lift". But as I was there in the sunset, with such beautiful scenery and the man I love holding me. It hit me how much I am going to miss San Diego and Henrik. I have had the most amazing 3 months with him. Ups and downs, but it has all been about love. When I think about it; think about the luxury it is to spend every breathing moment with the most amazing person you know, and doing nothing but just enjoying life and exploring things everyday and every moment. How awesome is that? But what I do know is that this is our place. This where I fell in love with Henrik for real. This is the place that brought me my best friend. I will miss it so much, but I can't wait to come back. This is where we fell in love for real.