Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tuesday news.

Today I found out that I got into Media Communications advance course for my bachelor which was the best news ever! Since they had told me there was no chance what so ever since "I am an international" but i guess they needed me :) haha! Soooo Now I couldnt be more excited to go home! I will be starting my company and trying to manage school as well. My priority is my company because I have gotten pretty far already, and of the moment I am a little bit more excited for that... hihi... But I don't think I will have a problem fixing school either! If you really want something, you will make it work no matter what! Soooooo Ill keep you updated on that ;)
Tomorrow we are leaving and I havent even started packing yet.... hmm...... i have about 5 suitcases of stuff... we will see how this goes! Other that I just wanted to say good night :)