Thursday, December 15, 2011

A hopeful wind.

Well so today I found out some news which completely changes my entire spring! I was really hoping to come back to Uppsala! But as it looks right now, things may be changing. Since I can't pursue the studies I want at Uppsala, I may have to spread my horizons. I am looking for tons of internships, all over the world, to get the experience I need to pursue the field of studies I need! Or I may just start my own company. Well first I got really upset about it. However, Now I look at it more as an opportunity of where the next chapter will take place in my life. Everything happens for a reason, so I'm assuming something awesome is about to happen?
Today a wind from the past passed through my day. Which even helped me open my eyes. I guess what I learned is that; if you really love something, if you are really devoted to pursue it, you will succeed. I never thought that my friend would pursue his dream, like he is now. Thanks to his drive and dedication to his dream, it is finally coming through. Maybe I need to really just go for it. Jump into the see and swim until I reach a new island.
Thank you Dumbo for that. And keep it up, because I'm looking forward to seeing you in GQ.