Sunday, May 13, 2012

Take a walk with me.

I don't think that a person necessarily likes change. 
I think change can be good for a person, a change of environment or something like that. But I do believe that people deep down inside like being comfortable. Like knowing what is going on, what is happening, where things are heading and knowing who with. I think learning to adapt to change is something important, something every individual needs to learn. My entire life my environment has constantly been changing and the people in it. It still is, everyday. The past three months have been life changing, the most eventful three months of my life, very back and forth, but mostly just an all round 360 degree of change. But it makes me wonder if you, as an individual, have the ability to control the changes in life. What it has made me realize, is that you are completely powerless. 
But what you do have power over is the impact it will have on you. 
How you will react to it, how you will cope with it. You decided what you want to learn or make from it. 
You decided who gets to walk along the journey with you. You decided what relations you decided to grow or how much you, as an individual, is going to grown from it yourself. How you as a person can develop. 
I now am about to make a new big change in my life this week. My Henrik is coming home. As happy and excited I am, I am mostly relieved that finally my life will have a base, a ground to stand on. 
He is my comfort zone. He is my family. He is my life. To know that such a secure and devoted person cherishes me so much, that he'd do anything to keep a smile on my face and bring security back into my life, is the most amazing gift anyone can give me after everything that has happened. It is the most amazing feeling I have ever felt. It is beyond love. It is about dedication, devotedness to another person and their happiness. True love is about wanting to give everything for another person happiness, because their happiness is essential to your very own. If you don't have a base to stand on. A home or family to turn to, you have to make your own grounds. And having someone building and creating that pavement for you so that you have a secure ground to grow from and build a new life on; is unique and especially at this age. He's just so freakin' great! And I want to tell the whole wild world everyday how unique and  extraordinary he makes me feel. And that I have never heard of a boyfriend that is as determined and would go to any extent of making this relationship last and give me everything I need.  He is the only thing and he is my future and my everything. I may be 21 years old, but when you know that it will be the most amazing life if spent with someone like him, there is nothing scary about it. Just inspiring. And I love that I go to bed every single night smiling of the thought that I have someone who loves me so unconditionally as he does. I'm so ready to start my forever.