Sunday, June 17, 2012

How I love summer.

This week has been nothing shorter than amazing. Henrik and I set off on a spontaneous trip to Santorini, Greece. The entire week was spent exploring and loving. It felt as if we were on a honeymoon. We explored the amazing scenery of Santorini on a scooter. We traveled around the entire Island and see sunsets and sunrise from all kinds of places. We ate delicious foods from all different kinds of cuisines. We tanned in the boiling hot sun and took long swims in the crystal clear water. It was so romantic. We have taken more photos than anyone could imagine! They will be up very soon! But to sum up this amazing trip, I can only  recommend everyone to go! It was on mine and Henrik's to do list, now we only have 47 places left :)
Now he is off to Ukraine to see soccer european championship and then it is midsummer at my summerplace in skåne for the weekend. But for me, I am celebrating my Mikaela's birthday tomorrow with a big brunch and then work on monday and tuesday.