Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Moved in and a change of plan.

Boooom!!!! Soooo I have been completely MIA the past couple of days. That is what happens when you have no phone and your internet depends on it. But Now I am back! We are all moved in to the apartment in Stockholm and we are all settled in. Tomorrow I begin the attempt to get my drivers license and also my work out. I have been so bad the couple of weeks, far too busy and henrik has kept me plenty busy since he got back. I think I am going to change the theme a little bit on my blog. I know I have posted pictures of motivational work outs. But now I am going to start telling you my work out and nice recipes! No, I don't want to hear any of the crap that I am taking it too far. Because Im not! I am super healthy! I love food and candy too much to ever give it up! BUT! I do love to work out, not only physically but also mentally. It is a natural endorphin and it is oonly good for you. I am doing this because this is a good way for me to keep myself motivated and also because quite a lot of people have been asking if I could post some tip and work out plans! SO I WILL :)