Thursday, April 11, 2013

Stephanie Kramer at MBFWA

 Yesterday Steph kramer  took me inside the world of Sydney Fashion Week. That was something I had never witnessed before. It was one of the funnest things I have ever done. So different, but oh so fun! Steph is an established blogger here in Australia, and yesterday you could really understand why she sticks out so much. Not just because she is a gorgeous swedish girl with excellent taste in clothing. But with her warm and loving presence she welcomes everyone with a smile. She is so graceful when she speaks and always interprets her surrounding where ever she goes. It has been an such a great experience to have gotten the chance to "follow" her around as her assistant and photographer the past couple of weeks. She has given me great understanding about the "blogger world". It has been fun not only getting to do a bunch a shoots with her, but also getting to know this extra ordinary girl as a friend. If you are a person who reads fashion blogs, you absolutely MUST follow Steph Kramer, Watermelon Crush . She is amazing inside and out. You will see, her blog speaks for itself! 

P.s. how amazing aren't these pants?