Monday, April 15, 2013

Ta ta for now, Sydney.

As you may have all seen, the past two months I have been living in Sydney with my best friend Emma McNamara. Two months ago, I never would even dream of standing where I am standing today. It may only have been 8 weeks, but it has been the most important and best 8 weeks of my life. I left to go on this trip to figure out some stuff. I think in the beginning of it, I didn't really know what it was that I needed to figure out. But after the hectic year I have had, that many you all know about, I realized I sort of forgot who I was. I knew that I firstly needed to get back to my roots, that is why I went to KL. I needed to come home, to remember where I was from. But I also needed to go somewhere new, to realize what I wanted in life. So I did! And these weeks have granted me so many life lessons, and have really opened my eyes to what it is that I want to do in life, with who I want to do it with. I left, not to run away, but to find if there was something else out there that I haven't been able to see or do yet. And not so much to my surprise, there was! and there were plenty of it. Whether it was getting over my shark phobia, figuring out what I really want to be in life, figuring out where my true desire laid,  taking a step away from family drama and getting my head straight on where I stand on the matter, finding love in places and people that I never thought, learning that  I am actually a person who likes to be by myself, rather than always being in the center of attention, that I have always been. I have learned to listen more, to people and my surrounding. I have made my own platform in a foreign country all by myself, with friends and work. I have thought myself to not be so scattered minded, with all the 100 balls that are always flying around me, and juggling hundred of ideas constantly. I have really learned to take down 99 of them and really focus on just one and making that happen. This hasn't been easy, because everyone that knows me, know that I always have about 10 different ideas and plans happening at the same time. It is sort of what used to define me. But I have learned that I only get scattered, stressed and more lost when I have 99 balls coming down on me, rather than just having one and focusing on just catching that. And that my friends, is all due to my Emma. That is why it has been so great to be living with someone like her. She is level headed and decisive. She is  my best friend, but she could very well be my fairy god mother.  So I did it! I took the big step I needed to take. I took control of the things I needed and I couldn't be more ready to go home. Even if I am going home on unfortunate circumstances, I know that I am more prepared to battle this now, than I ever would have before. So thank you everyone that made these 8 weeks, the best weeks of my life.

Nearly died from a meeting with 5 tiger sharks...

Everyone getting meningitis and ending up at the hospital.

Getting to live with this beautiful boy Sitch. Probably one of the happiest human beings I have ever met. Not a day or situation where he didn't smile, or try to put a smile to your face. I will definitely miss this one. 

Then there was this other crazy Charlotte girl that lived in the Neptune's Palace. Just one big ball of energy! Always spreading her love and happiness wherever she went. That was the best thing about the house, everyone were always so happy and always trying to make other feel happy. 

Then Emma and I nearly died one night when we thought there was a robber in the house. Had the knives ready and police on the phones and bawling our  eyes out to find that it was Sitch teaching us a lesson not to leave keys in the door.

Endless days on the beach. 

Getting to visit Sydney Unviersity. SO BEAUTIFUL. And attending St. John's college parties

Walking 3 hour walk from coogee-bondi and back. Best work out ever.

Going to see an Australian rugby game.

Getting to know the famous Jack Fernon, Emma's boyfriend. The most amazing guy in this world. Literally. Such an awesome guy. Funny as hell. But most importantly, such a great human being. There is not one other boy in this world that listens to you as much as he does. There is nothing that you can't speak to him about. He is just freaking great in every single way. Emma is such a lucky girl!

Getting to be their third wheel. But I never minded, since they are probably the best couple I have ever met. So great in every single way. In my next relationship they will be my role models :) 

the endless of amazing sunsets...

all those freakin yoga classes...

Working at the easter show!!

The sunset surfing!!! 

Getting Emma to skip uni and getting drunk during the day to then take a solid hour of nap in the park. Still my favorite afternoon.

Meeting Sam, this colorful boy on the beaches of Bondi. Without even having to ask he offered me a surf board and always brought one with him every day since then, just in case I would pop by. Not only an amazing surfer, but probably one of the most caring boys I have met. Everytime I wiped out, I could count on him diving straight after me and rescuing me from dying in the agressive afternoon waves. 
I will see you this summer in Biarritz or Portugal for sure! 

Going to Palm Beach with these boys. When I move to Syndey in the future I am getting a house here and going surfing every weekend..

Went to the famous Sydney Zoo and saw the Seal show that everyone told me about. It was cool. Have seen cooler but....

I did get to see it with this boy. Timothy Dowling. This Aussie bloke won my heart over. I don't know if it was the hair or those kind eyes, but something did it. Such a weird kid, but pretty great. I will miss that contagious smile. 

Going to Gen's 21st! My very first Australian 21st!

Seeing the Sydney fireworks!

Going to Warrnambol! 

Visited Emma's grandpa and saw a wild koala!!!

Sqw the 12 apostles.... finally! windy as hell! So I maybe didn't get to go Swimming there, as I had hoped. All the more reasons to go back and visit!

We explored Melbourne!

Got to go to Sydney Fashion Week!!! 

Got to hangout with Stephanie Kramer at fashion week and taking multiple of amazing shoots for her. It was so great getting to know her and learning so much from her. 

Yepp, I am about to start crying now when I think that this is over. But IT'S BEEEN F**KING GREAT. thank you thank you thank you for everything!  
I will see you soon Sydney.