Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Thank you sofia

Today everybody was back in uppsala and my life has begun again :)
I got this bracelet from Sofia. It is this foundation for children's rights. But I like it because it makes me smile. I love the word "childhood" because I believe everyone has a child inside of them and no matter how mature you may get, how much responsibility you may have, there will always be a child in you. My childhood were the best years of my life. With what is going on now, it is nice to go back to sometimes. I may be growing up, but the child is still inside of me.
When I get upset about something, or when something is stressing me out. I close my eyes and I go back to a good memory when I was a kid and I remember that feeling. The feeling of carefree, the feeling of just pure energizing happiness. Why give that up because you are growing up?
DON'T. Happy, Smile, Laugh, Play. That is my motto.