Friday, January 7, 2011


Now as the new semester is about to start it hit me it is only going to be better than last semester. This is my second semester in Uni and I loved my first one more than I ever imagined. But last semester it went from leaving summer (the sun, ocean, bikini and weightless clothes) to fall with beautiful colors but the sloppy rain, and then slowly into the dark and beautiful snowy winter. It was a beautiful winter, but it got dark at around 3 and it didn't go up until about 8-9, also the temperature went from + 25 - -25 in just couple of months!
BUT NOOOOOOOOW! This semester, it is only getting lighter and lighter, warmer and warmer. Yes, still about 4 months left of this winter, BUT it is only getting better and better each day, rather than getting worse. So you see, summertime is coming! Keep optimistic, because it is only getting better.