Thursday, November 10, 2011

She's my Emma Hoe.

Emma jo, emma jo, 
is a ho, 
who gives blo
to boys named mo. 

Kind of catchy. Well today I got to skype with one of my favorite humans: Emma Jo. The beautiful thing about Emma and my friendship is that it will never change. From spitting watermelon in her face in ninth grade to today, she is still one of my best friends. No matter what road I will walk down in life, she will be waiting at the end of it to make sure I made it. And I hope that she feels the same way for me. Being third culture kids, the universe is our home, so there is no thing as distance. The friends we have all around the world are our homes. I do not have one place which I call home, I have over 100 homes all over the world. We know when we really need one and other, we always have each other. And most important, we always have a place to come home to no matter where we are in this world. And Emma Jo, Im always yours when you need me. Thank you for being so awesome, but more importantly, thank you for that catchy song of yours, it will be stuck in my head for a few days now :)