Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Last night we went out for taco tuesday! Which was a lot of fun considering Henrik and I were dancing all night and just goofing around. He has agreed to take a beginners hip hop class tomorrow in LA! I promised I wasn't going to tell anyone, but he is the cutest dancers I have ever seen and the best part is, he really wants to be a good dancer so he's trying and I should give him props for that! Today we are heading up to LA because I am doing a hair photoshoot....this shall be interesting.. I guess youll see photos later! Then I get to see my long lost friend Amrit! I can't wait to see him. Then we are heading to San Francisco for the weekend! I have been longing to go to San Francisco my entire life, and it will be wicked. Henrik and I are taking Salsa dance lessons and Margarita making classes there one night! Eiiii!!! I'm so excited! :) Well NOW I AM GOING TO GO PACK SO THAT WE CAN HIT THE ROADS!