Sunday, February 5, 2012


When I look at the past week it feels as if it has been 3 weeks long. 
It feels that so much has happened in only a couple of days. 
Yesterday when I got back to Uppsala, my head was literally dead. I couldn't process another thought. 
I couldn't even text a message or eat anything, because I was DEAD. 
What made me realize this week however, is that you need to take care of yourself. 
I am a person who hates being alone, and I never am. I'm constantly around people.
But then you never give yourself time to feel. heal. and think. 
When I was sitting and enjoying a good brunch yesterday with an old friend of mine, I realized how much is going on that I am not even thinking about. 
Because I don't give myself time to process everything. 
When moving at a constant fast pace, you will miss everything. 
You can push forward. You can't make everything happen all at once. 
You have to give yourself time. 
Because otherwise, in the end, you will not have done any of it. 
Or maybe just half of it. 
 Half good. 
I am still brain-dead now, and I have slept 8 hours (which i never do!) and I have had my breakfast and coffee and gone for a walk and yet, its only 8:45. 
Still I can't manage to process it. 
So by all means my lovely readers, 
don't forget yourselves. 
Listen to your thoughts. 
Listen to your feelings. 
Look at your todo lists.
Do them.
Then take an hour by yourself and reflect. 
Without reflecting, we learn nothing.