Friday, February 10, 2012

There is no place like Uppsala.

Today the entire town of Uppsala was covered with crystal like trees and bushes and then ground was crystal white. The sun is shining and it is biting cold. This I love almost just as much as the spring! Unfortunately my arthritis has taken an extra slam on me this year and gotten pretty bad. I could have suspected it after all the dancing in San Diego. So it is going to be nice to come back to the sun and rehabilitate myself with heat and loads of yoga! It's only 2 days left and then I am back! It doesn't feel as if I leaving just yet. But I sure I will get there in one piece. Just wanted to show this amazing photo of one of these amazing trees, that are all over Uppsala. Now it is Semla/tea time with a new friend and then it is mother and daughter time! How I am in the need for love today.