Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I am a sucker for love. 
Love is the best thing there is. 
It is the most important thing there is. 
Love is something we all want. 
It is something we all love. 
It is everywhere.
Whether it is love for a friend or someone special. It is love and it exists. 
I love love. 
We all love love. 
So VALENTINES really is a good day, no it's actually a great day. 
I make a big deal of VALENTINES. 
Mostly because I enjoy holidays alot. 
But most importantly I love love. 
So to have a day to celebrate a day of love, is nothing shorter than great. 
And those who say they don't like valentines, are lame and loveless. 
Because VALENTINES doesn't have to be about sharing it with a girl/boyfriend, 
it can be a day about showing your friend how much they mean to you, 
and maybe even doing something a little extra special together. 
and last year, I fell in-love with my boy on Valentines day. 
That was the day when I truly understood the feeling of love.
So, whether you are in a relationship or not, bring a smile and share the love with someone you 
find special.