Thursday, March 8, 2012

2012, get a move on.

I can't stop looking at the video. I can't stop crying from these individuals who are suffering and have been suffering from these torturous humans for many years. It is not just about "liking" a video and getting the issue noticed; It is about doing something, To be able to contribute to something. It is not about about looking at a video and sharing it and to think that something is horrible and then to go back to eating your ice cream with your friends. Why not take action to contribute? This is our world too. This is our home. This is all our mother earth. This is what life is about! Helping and learning from one and other. Reaching for development, pushing through struggles together, and growing together as one united. So when you go to bed tonight, come up with how you can make a difference, Then share your ideas and get involved, get people involved. This is not a year to be selfish.