Friday, March 16, 2012

Have you met, Anna?

This is my friend Anna. Anna is someone whom I have known since I was about 10 years old, but we have never lived in the same city or anything since 4th grade. Anna is one of those people whom I always knew I was going to be great friends with, in a way it has always felt as if we were really good friends, even though we haven't hung out very much. But now that is about to change! What is so wonderful about this young woman is that she is soooooo much like me (haha!), she is probably the friend that has been most like me out of all people I have know. Which is probably why it has always felt as if we knew each other pretty well. To me she is an inspiring girl and her aorta and the atmosphere around her is just shining of energi and strength. She has done everything, and have some of the best stories to tell. She is just one big adventure! She is open to everything the world has to offer and doesn't miss the opportunity to explore. But what I absolutely love most about this girl is her way of life, that I want to learn to adapt even more. Anna truly lives in the moment. She goes wherever she wants, whenever she wants. She doesn't feel the need to stay in one constant place to establish a life and she lives through every moment in the moment and establishes a life wherever she passes through. So today after spending  my night with her in Stockholm I realized that I want to change this part of my life. I was to learn to take each adventure with every adventure. Not plan as much ahead and just take it as it comes and see everything through that I want to do and pursue in life. I have about 80 years left on this earth and there is so much I want to do, but now I am just going to focus on what my heart says I want to do now and then pursue it and live it through to my fullest. Because wherever I travel, wherever I go, I will make new friends that fits in to that moment in my life and take those experiences with me into my next adventure. This is what life is, exploring earth and everything and everyone in it.
And the next 80 years with AnnacrazyBanana, adventures will come that will change our lives and I think we will have alot of fun together and will learn alot from one and other. So cheers to my new friend!