Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday is the new sunday

Last night I went to Stockholm to have dinner with my mom and a few family friends that I haven't seen in a really long time! I love that about family friends because they are just like a part of your family. Like your cousins! Because you have grown up your entire life with family dinners on the weekends, christmases and vacationing together. :)
So I spent the night in Stockholm at my mom's . Then we went out for breakfast at Albert & Jack's ! It was such a nice place to have breakfast. Felt like a place in New York! LOVE  LOVE  L  O V  E! So go there when you are in Stockholm. The sun is beautiful and the spring jacket is on! When I arrived back in Uppsala this morning I walked into my room which was spotless! My friend Mikaela had cleaned out everything. It has never been that clean! I mean I thought I had it cleaned the other day, well not like this. Feels like a new room :) I have such great friends! Now it's school time! Then I have yoga tonight and dinner with friends. I have to say that this day is too good :) I haven't stopped smiling yet.