Sunday, January 20, 2013


WHAT A DAY! Another perfect sunday! I told you it was my new favorite day of the week! My Sofia came all the way from Uppsala to see me this morning, so we went to Saturnus and had some lunch and a coffee and talked talked talked! :) It was so great to see her after all this time. It's not everyone that travels all that way to see me. I'm a pretty lucky girl!
Then I met up with Rasmus and David and went to see Bounce perform Svansjön, AMAZING. It is definitely a must go! It was a lot of fun to see them perform after all these years! And then I ended the day with an excellent bikram yoga work out. Now! I am planning my week! I love having fun and exciting things happen. This week I will definitely document everything! It will be good. trust me. 

and I just had to put a picture of my new best friend from 2013. Bertil is  growing up. Best dog though..