Thursday, January 10, 2013

My new years resolution is to not say NO to anything new.

Because it hit me that, the world that we live in is created by our comfort zones. Why do we even have those? Why would there even be a world with billions of different things to do, see, try, explore and invent... Why do we restrict ourselves? Because we are scared? Why are we scared? The worst that could happen is that you die. Which of course is sad, but at least you died doing something out of the ordinary. Or at least something out of the ordinary for you. Never restrict yourself, because then you will never learn new things, and evolve as an individual. This planet is filled with things to explore with. Why do we limit ourselves? I think this is a good question you should ask yourself when you go to bed "What is it that I am too afraid to try?"and then ask yourself "Why am I not trying it?" and then "What can I do to over come this fear, and just try it."
Because the more you step out of your own comfort zone, the more you learn about yourself, and the more you evolve into the individual you are meant to become. You can't hate something until you have tried it.

Good night.