Thursday, January 10, 2013


I have been so busy the past couple of days with work and working out and seeing friends, that I haven't had any free time to blog or for that matter even use the computer. 
But now I have a little hour left over and before I throw on a good show, I will write a little!
This is Martin and he is leaving tomorrow. Martin is one of my bestest friend in this world. We are family friends so we have really grown up together and been all over the world together. He is the closest thing to family. He studies in Edinbourgh, so everytime when we comes back to Sweden I get so happy, but I get just as sad when he leaves... and tomorrow he is leaving... Everyone is leaving in the next upcoming weeks. First martin tomorrow, then Christoffer on tuesday, then Emelie and mikaela on Friday... SOOOOO I am happy that I am also leaving for a bit! So sooooon now! I can't wait :)
I'm so ready for adventures.