Friday, August 6, 2010

I miss my KL.

Now I have finished working! Yay!
I Have finally gotten accepted into my University in Sweden which I am so relieved about :)
I will be heading down back to Skåne on Sunday to pack up my life and get ready for Uni. I do not start uni until the August 27th, however, I am leaving for Cannes, France, Next monday and will be back on the 26th!

I also found out I will be going back to KL this Christmas, which I am just longing for. It is crazy to believe that Iskl, my old school, has already strated rolling with classes and tryout for sports. Crazy. Everyone is a year older, new students, new teacher and no seniors. Its so weird and the more and more I think about that I am not going back is just making me miss it even more. Its crazy to think that I wont be hitting up the clubs of Chuncut or heritage or Peramlee. Or annoying the hell out of Renaud in the counselors office, making Ms Guerra go absolutely nuts at our math class or just running around acting retarded with Maddy and Emma during lunch. haha or scooping up the new freshman boys ;)
So to sum this sappy post up, I miss KL so freaking much and I will probably miss it even more until I return. I guess the alumnis were right, "You can't stand it, but you can't live without it."
I am excited to come back. I also wish all ISKLers a Happy new year! haha. Good luck and make every moment unforgettable, because its flies by.

But for now, good night everybody.
Miss you all.