Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A sunset

Ohlalalala This the beautiful sunset we get here at grönhögen every night. And this is a crappy night but it happened to be the only night emma and I were off together.
It was such a lovely evening. We went to the beach and watched the sunset with a bottle of wine and some bree chesse YUMMMM. We chit chatted about everything the past few years, real girlie night. Tomorrow is my final day working at grönhögen! Yay! haha. I might have a friend coming for the weekend, so I might stay for a bit. But it has been so nice to have had my Emma here, it really has. I have missed her so much and these two weeks together is just what we needed.
So thank you for an awesome 2 weeks :)

Hope you all have a good night because now Im off to bed.
Stiniwini forever and ever.