Sunday, August 15, 2010


Hello People!
This weekend I took a little trip to stockholm again, which was nice to get away for a bit and meet a few people before I head down to France. I got to meet my long lost buddy Sandra, who I haven't met in 4 years, which was just as fun as it was 4 years ago :)
I also met up with my best friend Pauline, who I did just meet the other month but still was nice. Now she will be living only 15 minutes away from me so I will be seeing more of her!
I also got the key to my new "apartment" or more like room! Exciting!
I would show you pictures but unfortunately I left it at my friend's house.
Thank you for letting me stay with you, again. Always a pleasure Mmmmm :)

Tomorrow I am off to Cannes, France, to party it up with my 8 girls. It will be FUNnnntastic!
As for now my christina is attempting to start packing which she is miserably failing at. As for me I have packed my stuff for Cannes and also for Uni! I will not come back home before I head of to uni, I am leaving straight from france into my uni. Woop to the hop! Its less than two weeks left and I couldn't be more excited.
So toodels people! Ill see you soon.

Here are some lovely pictures in case you start to miss me.