Monday, September 20, 2010

its what I call a best friend

It is pretty awesome how a person can have such an influence on you. Because whether you like it or not everyone whose there with you when things happen or when decisions are made, will have that special influence. Then there are those few that were just with you through pretty much all of it. Like a best friend. When you are then separated from that best friend it gets rather confusing and uncomfortable because you don't have that best friend there any longer to experience it with you; worst case scenario, even tell it to when it just happened.
Most people then start to look for someone new because you it was so comforting knowing that they always had that person. But what I realized last night was that, I don't. Because if you are real "best friends" just like we are, I know I have you right by my right side if I ever need you. Because that's the beauty of being true friends, no matter what storms and distance; the ships always meet at shore again.
Thank you for always being my best friend