Tuesday, September 21, 2010

you can do it!

We all love the sun, we all love the sunny moments in our lives. But we can't always have a walk on roses and expect life to be made out for us. What would we then learn from things? Nothing. We would start to take things for granted. Doesn't matter if it has to do with school, career, family, friends, love or even your hobby. You will always have to fight things to be able to learn from them. These are things you grow from, mature from; and most importantly what makes you stronger. However, it is hard to fight struggles on your own without the support that keeps you from falling. They can be the one that charges the battery, but you are the one that uses that energy to push to your limit and get through it. So just remember, even on the rainy days you can do it. Because we all have someone that cares. Sooner or later the sun will appear, then you might not take these struggles for granted and actually know that they have had an impact on who you are today.