Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It can snow.

Still a little bit jet lagged, Henrik and I got up around 6:39 this morning to see the sun crystal on the white snow. We went for a new walk in the beautiful winter weather and a tour around Sollentuna! Then I went back to Uppsala to meet up with my ladies; Sofia, Ullis, Mimmi, Irma and two new people! Malin and her boyfriend Jonathan! It was a great dinner. So nice to be back with everyone. It feels so weird to know that its been almost 4 months since I saw them but it only feels as if it was last week. Tomorrow it is Henrik's last day, so loads will probably be done. It feels soooo weird that he is leaving. Because I am not particularly upset about it. I dont know if its because I get to see him so soon, I dont know... Haha! Well may tomorrow be a great day! Now I am going to finish my project once and for all! I am not going to bed before I do it. Here are my pictures from the past couple of days.