Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Today I am spending my day in Stockholm. It is freezing cold, but the sun is out and it is absolutely beautiful! I have an interview at Groupon in a couple of hours so I decided to stroll around Vasastan with my new camera and take some nice shots. I will upload them later. I went to a café somewhere around St Eriksplan, a nice cozy place. I have never just sat and had a coffee by myself at a café. I am working on a couple of paintings that I have had requested from a couple of different people.
Recently I started making some cool paintings, and I have even sold a few. I am making my own website for them and some other stuff, where you can check them out later. But now I am going to sip on my cappuccino and let my creativity evolve into something beautiful for people to put on their walls. :)